Thursday, May 9, 2013

chirp, chirp.

I was at my parent's house last night. I woke up this morning to the birds chirping - not unusual to hear, especially in the spring. But I thought while lying in bed - wow those sound like their right outside the window. A few hours later, after coffee and a shower, I opened the blinds. I noticed a bird hopped up on the windowsill and the way it quickly scurried along caught the corner of my eye. I went over to inspect, and there was a bird's nest built in the windowsill. The Momma Bird flew back and forth with food in her beak, scurried over and dropped it into the nest where my Mom and I counted 5 baby bird beaks. Back and forth she went, occasionally freezing if she sensed us. The nest was built on a tilt so we didn't have an aerial view of the babies but a side view. We stopped watching, I put my make-up on when I noticed, one of the babies was out on the windowsill! I didn't know how he'd gotten out or what he was doing. He paused, teetered a bit, paused and then he was gone! He fluttered into the bushes. I called mom back in to watch, it was truly incredible! The mom came back a few times and another bird, maybe the dad - I'm not sure. A little bit later and two little birds were left, but they were stuck. The windowsill was pushed out so the nest had been built but the birds had to carefully fit into the crack to get in and out and the babies just couldn't quite figure it out. They knew their siblings had gone but they kept going towards the side where there was no crack for them to slip out of....oh the stress! We felt so helpless, watching them struggle, wanting the mom to come back and help them, but what could she even do? It was crazy! (I was able to sanp a few photos).

My dad came home, we showed him what was going on and asked him to help. He suited up and went through the bushes to somehow adjust the screen and let the birds be free! Well as he appeared to help them, one of the birds got through the opening and hopped up on the windowsill! She flew away into the bush! But there was still one bird left...he had to have been tired. At one point it looked like they were both sitting down to rest lodged there between the window and the screen. Dad moved the screen just a little bit - we didn't want to squish the little guy and he was able to get underneath. Once he figured out where to go he moved along. He got to the windowsill and paused like he was contemplating what he had to do and what it would take, we cheered him on "you can do it!" and in the blink of an eye he was gone! All that was left was an empty nest. I felt sad for a moment, like it happened too fast - much like life sometimes. Yet it was one of the neatest experiences I can remember to see nature and creation come together so perfectly.

There was a bird's nest in Clemmons we kept an eye on for a while, but something got the eggs so we didn't get to see all of the beauty unfold. That experience made this experience even more exciting. I only wish we had noticed the baby birds sooner! But, how awesome to get to see them fly, for the very first time! My mom of course remarked on the empty nest and the momma bird, much like many of our parents are experiencing. It also seems to fit with the Hallmark commercial Mom showed me last weekend - now it's a tear jerker so get ready. I couldn't help but think of so many things watching the events unfold - God's amazing creation, animals and humans ways of caring for their nests and babies, the fear and unknown that lies out in the great wide open, the thrill of flying and the sadness at leaving or losing loved ones. I know to many it would just be a bird's nest but it was truly a wonder. I'm so thankful for that little glimpse of many things I got to see this morning.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

God knows

Today I caught myself thinking a bit too highly of myself. You know, one of those moments when you're feeling entitled to a certain treatment or response from others. About a minute after feeling that way I had this understanding of "you're being prideful." It's like the Holy Spirit said it to my spirit. I was driving and admitted it to myself out loud asking for forgiveness from our loving Father. I thought, I didn't have any quiet time this morning, let me check the Bible verse of the day. I pulled up my handy dandy Bible app and sure enough: "When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility come wisdom." - Proverbs 11:2. If that wasn't a reminder of what I had just realized I don't know what is. God knows what we need huh? A little dose of humility and some time with Him.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I turned 28 a few weeks ago. It feels a little different. I guess it's considered "late twenties" and that sounds...older. My mom was 28 when she had me. It's weird to think about that. I have friends having babies. That's crazy too. I still feel...young! I feel like a kid myself. I guess I just don't want to grow up. I know I am a grown up, but I relish youthfulness, whims, freedom in ways. I've always heard age is a state of mind. I was talking with a friend who said her older patients don't feel old, they just know they're old because they hurt in the mornings! So maybe the feeling of "not feeling old enough to (fill in the blank with whatever task)" doesn't really go away.

There are moments when I just want to freeze time. I don't want to see my parents get older or deal with the things that age can bring. However, I know we can't change time, or slow it down. So I just remember that each day is a new day and even if I stress out about aging or when to have kids, or what life will be like in a year with jobs, or 5 years, or 20 years, I can't really control it. Life happens and thankfully God is faithful. He doesn't leave us because we are growing up. He desires for us to grow in Him. My husband doesn't have concerns about "getting old" (no surprise there). He says he's even excited about it. I think his main reason to be excited about aging is that the bible equates age with wisdom. If we see what God is teaching us now, in our twenties, we will be able to impart wisdom as we age on. That helps put it into perspective. Life moves forward and we can't stop that. But we can seek to grow in wisdom, hope and love. We can also seek to make a difference in whatever stage of life we are in (student, boss, parent, etc.). I hope that I will be able to age gracefully in the truth that God is with me each step of the way and He wants to prosper me, not harm me - He has a plan and wants to use me! It's so much easier said than lived. Help me Lord.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Whew, anyone else struggling to get motivated this month, and realizing the month is close to being over?!?! How do people ever set and complete resolutions they begin in January...I feel like the whole month has consisted of me trying to catch up. Bills, calendars, plans, two steps forward one step back. I have had several thoughts I've wanted to blog but haven't sat down to write them. But at least I got this one out, and off my chest. Whew!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A new year

Is it just me or do the holidays always seem to fly by?! I always love all that comes with Christmas - shopping, decorating, traveling, etc. but it goes by too quickly. In a way it seems that years fly by that fast too! Hard to believe it's 2013. I feel like an old fogey saying this but it's true - time flies!

However, with the start of a new year I was reminded of this truth: God's mercies are new everyday, not just with a new year. Often we look to a new year as a new beginning, a new chance. We make resolutions to improve, or change things about ourselves. But God doesn't make us wait to do those things or to help us. He offers us new mercies each morning. What a gift!

Friday, November 30, 2012

the 30th day

It has been a good blogging exercise to do my thankful posts here. It has also been hard to do everyday, I'm often doing two at one time - time flies! However, in the time it takes to write the posts, I appreciate having to reflect and find things to be thankful for each day. Sometimes it has been quick and easy to be thankful for something random or wonderful that happened. Other days it has been challenging, but in a good way. In the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young she shares this insight about thankfulness: "Thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity. That is why I have instructed you to give thanks for everything. There is an element of mystery in this transaction: You give me thanks (regardless of your feelings) and I give you Joy (regardless of you circumstances). This is a spiritual act of obedience - at times, blind obedience....Thankfulness opens your heart to My Presence and your mind to My thoughts."

I'm thankful for the ways I've learned to find thankfulness this month and the challenges that have shown me the room I have for improvement in this area. May we continue to show gratitude daily. Time flies!

Day 29 - impromptu party!

Tonight we had small group. Sometimes in our email about small group we will encourage people to bring a treat...sometimes they do, sometimes they don't! Well tonight we had quite a yummy spread! It turned out to be an impromptu Christmas party. We enjoyed grazing the table for homemade pretzels, sweets, popcorn and a veggie tray. Food and fellowship often go hand in hand (even in the Bible!) and I am thankful for both of these things!